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Philip Hibbs <101621.1264@CompuServe.COM>
Tricksters, spirit glowline
>Maybe a bunch of minor Trickster-type spirits ganged up, stole all of
>divine spells (which they themselves couldn't support) and set up a sort
>freemasons cult where any trickster could come along and get each
>spells. Eurmal, of course, tricks them into letting him join, becomes
head of
>the 'lodge' but can't get rid of them all. Maybe the GLs came along and
>things up, putting Eurmal back into the top spot. Thus you now have
>shrines dedicated to a Trickster aspect, where any Trickster can get the
>shrine's spell.
This is a charming explanation. Probably untrue, but definitely cool. So,
do you have to get a union card to become a trickster?

Nick Brooke <>
>Per Elder Secrets, Lightfore was worshipped in the Great Darkness as the
>"Little Sun".
>Thus the link to Yelmalio: a god of Light but not Heat or Flame, who
>against the Darkness but is famous for being crapped on
>in the course of his battles; also, claimed as a Solar deity (son of the
>Sun) but not recognised as such by the Dara Happans (who had their own
>"Little Suns" other than Lightfore in the Darkness, what with
>Lesilla/Sedenya, Antirius, and the like).

Note also that at one point GRoY has day and night switching places -- at
some point, the planet which was _going_ to end up being the Sun may have
been in the sky, rising and falling, but Lightfore was actually brighter!
This could account for some of the confusion among Elmal worshipers over
whether he is the Sun or the planet Lightfore -- he used to be _the_
brightest thing in the sky.
>The Dara Happans acknowledge that Lightfore
>is a Son of Yelm (or Dayzatar?), too, so that even if this association
>faded from worshippers' memories by the 1620s, it could be worth the Sun
>Domers' while reinforcing it nowadays in order to gain acceptance from
>traditional Solar religion of the Empire.
This is an aspect I had not considered -- good going!

Hasni Mubarak <>
Re: Trollish Tricksters?
>In fact, it sounds more like an Orlanthi position. (Gee, guess I screwed

>up killing Yelm. Let me go fix it.) I've allways played Orlanthi as
act first, fix it
>later kind of people, and now I'm wondering WHY they have trickster
Scape >Goat figure?
>Does Orlanth blame Eurmal for stealing Death? Did he do the LBQ just to
fix the
>universe but didn't actually accept the blame for his wrongdoing? Or
did he >accept the blame because Eurmal was a friend&ally of him?
IMO you are mixing myths here. The myth about Trickster finding Death and
spreading it is not part of the LBQ myth. It may well have been
originally Orlanth who spread death (since he does have Trickster myths)
among the Orlanthi who had the earliest versions of the LBQ myths.
Similarly, in Ralios it may originally have been Humakth (as I prefer to
call him) who originally returned the Sun to the Sky in response to the
trickster's spreading it. Orlanth did it to recognize his mistakes and
fix them. Humakth did it because he was the King of the World, and it was
his responsibility to fix it no matter who broke it.

These are examples only, but are to point out that not all published
Orlanthi myths belong to a single group of people.

David Hall <>
GloranthaCon 4
This was received twice. Come to think of it, quite a few messages have

been doubled recently, though I don't recall if they were all from David,
from the UK, or what. Can Shannon give us any clue?

Stephen Martin
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