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Given that one role of Trickster is to demonstrate the results of improper
behavior, perhaps the troll Trickster goes around being nice to people.
Perhaps the Dagori Inkarth Trickster is the Only Old One -- he befriended

humans and got quite a come-uppance!

Rich wrote

> I was going to write a brief paragraph blaming Orlanth for all of the
>Trolls problems,
> starting with killing Yelm and sending them out of Wonderhome and
>suggesting that
> Orlanth makes a good scapegoat for them.

Although the trolls and Orlanthi know of each other (thanks to the World
Council), they don't seem to have aligned their myths at all, and I would
be very surprised to find Orlanth in a troll myth.

James Frusetta wondered about Uz adoptions before Arkat. Again, I would
speculate that the cooperation of the World Council might have resulted in
an adoption or two; there may also have been some in the Only Old One's

As for LARPs at Glorantha-Con IV, I'm very sorry Broken Council was
cancelled, but glad I knew this before I found a costume. However, I
understand Jeff Richard will be running one of his Orlanthi mini-LARPs.
These are rules-light, and a lot of fun. Maybe I'll find some woad anyway...

Chris Lemens wrote

> Arkat & co
> severed the sword lord aspect of Ralian Humath from the air lord aspect.
> This seems to conflict with the notion of Arkat as the respectful
> heroquester

Yet another reason Arkat is so disliked in my East Ralios...

On the other hand, it's quite possible the move was strongly supported by
Humath traditionalists. The concept of Humath being Orlanth's brother is
not native to Ralios, it was introduced. Arkat could be considered to be
bringing the cult back to its roots by severing the connection with the

Note that as I play it, the Third Age cult is once again (superficially)
similar to the pre-Arkat First Age cult -- Humath is Orlanth's brother, the
god of the Destructive Storm. Of course, there is no continuity, so when
the cult was renewed, a lot of it had to be made up (or perhaps researched
via heroquests).

Joerg wondered

> Hasn't anybody ever produced some guideline how to make RQ2 stats RQ3
> compatible (or, for whatever that's worth, vice versa)?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Chaosium produced such a document in 1984, and
included it in RQ3 -- it's the Player's Notes. SIZ 4 is now SIZ 8.

Guy Hoyle speculated

> The
> modern Cult of Yelmalio seems to be a synthesis of several different yet
> similar deities:
> 3) Yu-kargzant of the Grazers?

We really don't know much about Yu-kargzant, but I see no reason to assume
any similarity between him and Yelmalio. (Although it's true that Kargzant
and the Lightfore planet are probably the same entity.)

In an Androcles and the Lion heroquest, you might not be healing a lion
each time -- perhaps you run into a wolf with fleas and can befriend it
with a flea bath or something. Heroquests are not identical each time

Steve Martin wrote

> Since Greg has said in GRoY that Ernalda is a form of the earth goddess
> known in Saird, and since we know Mralota is worshiped in Balazar, I
> think it would be extremely unlikely that the two goddesses were _not_
> originally the same.

Mralota was introduced into Votankiland by Balazar after 1082, so there's
no way to trace her origin to Ernalda (a pre-Dawn goddess). It's less
likely that Balazar stole her idol from his own lands (he wouldn't need to

steal it) so he probably went elsewhere, like Dragon Pass.

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