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Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 07:32:39 EET

G'day all,

Broken Broken Council

Curtis Lyons writes:
>I'm a newbie to this list. I was informed by Andrew Joelson that
>the answers to many of my questions were present within the digest and
>decided that I needed to be able to see it since the information was not
>being provided to convention goers anywhere else. I have not had the
>opportunity to see #61-66 so forgive me if some of my comments are made
>moot by things in those issues....
>...My last negative (well, let's say critical) comment is that I believe
>that it is naive to think that you won't get 16 walk-up registrants for
>an event of this magnitude (you remember, the one on all the literature
>for the convention).

Because you don't have access to previous issues, let me state again
what I said a couple of Digests ago:

>>With less than a month to go to RQ Con Down Under last year, we
>>had *just over half* the players required for our 82-player LARP, Home of
>>The Bold. We were about 40 players short (almost the total number
>>required for The Broken Council), with around 77 Con registrations at
>>that point...[After our final recruiting push] ...In the end, we had 131
>>people attending the con and we even needed a waiting list for people
>>wanting to get into HotB on the day!

Given our experience, I agree with Curtis that cancelling BC for want of 16
players seems to be a rather small number. However, at RQ Con Down Under we
our LARP set to go on the day. If Broken Council ain't ready, there's
obviously no point continuing down this road...



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
Loess is the fine yellowish-brown soil of Matkondu, the northern lands
of Teshnos in the far east. Loess is blown by the winds of the Genert
desert and deposited in layers often tens or hundreds of feet deep on top
of the original terrain. It is exceptionally fine and easily eroded by
wind and water, leaving the vertical earth cliffs and precipitous ravines
and gullies so typical of the region's landscape. Kota the Traveller.


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