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From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 08:26:27 EET

I suggested Raven was demoted by Yelm after rank naughtiness. But
Stephen Martin sez that the Praxians don't believe in Yelm, so it can't be
a Praxian myth.

To which I respond: they don't believe in Yelm? Well I'll be darned. I
didn't know that. (The cheering sound is every uz I've played or GMed
crying "WOO-HOO!" ;)

Certainly, it'd have to be a Dara Happan myth, then. I think the myth
given in Raven's Stepladder would work fine for Prax (at leat on tNhbe
from an _uz_ POV -- Raven is a "darkness" spirit because he helped the
trolls and is friendly to them, not because he has the rune. etc. Since
the trolls ran into the Dara Happans before they met the Praxians, maybe
that explains some of it...?)

(And, BTW, who _do_ they consider to be the Sun God in Prax?)

Stephen also suggests a lack of Ravens in the Wastes:
No way. If the _same species_ of Ravens can live in Prudhoe Bay _and_
Death Valley, they can live in the Wastes. In fact, they can probably
live just about anywhere in Genertela that's not crawling with Chaos (that
is, and live more than 5 minutes). I don't know about Pamaltela, though:
Ravens don't live in jungle, although there is a specialized crow, I

As fo worshipping Raven in Prax: maybe as a warrior society? Doing
incredibly bold deeds that are slightly silly. Lemme thing of good RW
examples... ravens tend to do things like tease dogs and wolves by biting
tails, then jumping out of harm's way; flying head-on toward cars and
trucks to "flow" along on the airstream; and, as noted in Lawrence
Kilham's great monograph on them, when he tried to shoot one overhead and
missed: "Just as I looked up, he took a shot at me. A large, purplish
splotch (the raven had been eating crowberries) landed on the front off my
hat... ravens, in addition to being sharp mentally, may have a sense of

So a "raven" warrior might do incredibly brave but foolish things such as
sneak into enemy tribe's camps and dye symbols on the Kahn's favorite
beast, challenge Storm Bull bezerkers to duels and run like fun, steal
Lunar paraphenlia, etc. I suspect those who survive the process revert to
normal nomad behavior, although I think it'd attract adolescents: you make
a name for yourself, then drop your membership in the Raven Society. Only
a few malcontents, mental patients and plain-out weirdos keep in it.

Time for another round of Name that Uz Trickster:

For Jongale, if you stressed his trickster exploits you might refer to him
as Rokogale _in that context_. When the Lhankor Mhy sages wrote the
history in Troll Pak, they either ignored the normal uz usage in the
passage about him plucking the leaves, or they standardized and used
Jongale the Silent because it's the usual term given. (Similarly with
Vaneekara). And RomoZoZo isn't used because Death Lords jump up and down
on Grey Sages who use it.

I will also admit I'm not fond of the idea of calling Eristi the Doubter a
trickster -- I've always thought of him more as the glum straight-man
type, myself. If anyone was a trickster in the "Friendy Sea Monster"
incident, it was the sea monster, IMO. ;) You could probably work up a
nice Trickster and Eristi rountine for uz nightclubs, note.

James Frusetta


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