Orlanthi divine intervention pleas...

From: Scott S. Atkins (scott_atkins@pipeline.com)
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 08:48:23 EET

My Wind Lord's band has unfortunately been trapped by a bunch of worthless
Lunars in Garhound's Lightbringer Temple. While we could probably fight our
way out, this would cause a lot of trouble for the priests and
townspeople...the Lunars know we're in there, but they haven't actually seen
any of us yet (we snuck in, but someone must've talked). They were ordering
the priests to un-bar the door or else when we had to stop last week. In
order to save the priests and people of the town from the venegence the
Lunars would exact if we decimated the garrison on our way out, I'm going to
DI my band away so that the priests can play dumb...my GM wants me to word
my request to Orlanth with lots of flowery language. I was wondering if
anyone out there had some ideas or examples of "Flowery Orlanthi Language"
that I could incorporate into my DI, as I'm drawing a blank...please reply
via E-Mail to <scott_atkins@pipeline.com>. Thanks!

Be Safe!

Scott S. Atkins
Clovis, CA


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