Androcles and the Lion

From: Benedict Adamson (
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 15:53:57 EET

I think action, rather than intent, is what matters on the HeroPlane.
After all, if a HeroQuester does the LBQ, he will KNOW that Eurnal will
betray him in Hell. Insisting on intent rather than
action would seem to make following an existing myth/quest impossible.

IMO, you can select a HeroQuest to be easy and safe or difficult and dangerous.
A difficult quest need NOT turn out how the `originial' myth did
(recall, Starbrow's LBQ was supposedly unsuccessful).
The magnitude of the reward will depend on the difficulty and danger. If you
choose a difficult quest, and it turns out differently (e.g. Orlanth dies on
the LBQ), you have, in effect, turned onto a different path on the HeroPlane.
A difficult `Androcles and the Lion' quest would NOT guarantee that the lion
will not attack `Androcles'. If you complete a more difficult and dangerous
version, the lion that helps you some day is much more powerful.
The very brave try the `Orlaront and the Dragon' quest :-)

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