Axe Maidens v Harrek

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> If someone wanted to tackle Harrek using the aforementioned Axe Maiden, I
> would suggest that it would be up to the gamemaster to find a Deus Ex
> Machina to prevent the hero's or superhero's death.
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Really necessary? For 100 Axe Maidens to coordinate an attack like that, they
would have to have a REASON to kill him. E.g. he looted an Earth temple---they
would not care, otherwise. But looting an Earth temple, then having Babeester
Gor worshippers kill you has a mythic resonance (`And from that moment on,
he was doomed...'), so OK IMO.

Typical `gunslinger' PCs might find it difficult, but
large organsied forces easy. But large organised forces have objectives other
than killing Heroes just for the sake of killing them, while others have
for protecting those Heroes. Large organisations fighting bring the Gods a bit
more into the open. And thats a whole different kettle of ballgames, and
provides numerous possible Deus ex (er?) Deus.
E.g. if the Axe Maidens attack while Harrek is helping Orlanth's hero Argrath,
does Ernalda ask her kinswomen Babeester Gor not to anger Ernalda's husband?

How large a sylph does Orlanth summon to disarm the Axe Maiden? Did you mention
Teleport? An Orlanth/Mastakos spell, I recall...

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