Knotted Wisdom

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Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 18:11:41 EET

The article in Tales #14 about Praxian Ropes sparked off an idea. Couldn't
didactic stories be knotted in a similar shorthand? As i see it the 3
feathered rivals are a good source for Praxian Wisdom, so i composed a
Sacred Rope of my own:

(Kattari tells his young son Kett the following as part of his manhood ritua=

"This, my son, is the wisdom of the three feathered rivals:

The watchful scout sees the sneaky thief that trips the brave warrior that
defeats the honourable man which withstands the deceitful man which hides
from the wrathful man which breaks the law that binds the disorder that
warps the storm that clouds the truth that clears the illusion that twists
the change which bends the traditions of our people that protects us from
the lies of the riddler that incites madness in the heart of the
adventurous who denies his khan who shields him from strangers that steal
his sword and, no, i'm not finished yet, so shut up.

The sword cuts the lasso that snares the Raven that tricks the Thunderbird
that bests the Sun Hawk whose light scares the dark that swallows the heavy
clouds that occults the sun that turns the night that smothers the winds
that push the arrow that pierces the beast that breaks the spear =8A that
strikes =8A i see that your mind wanders like the wind.

Go to your tent; i will tell you the rest later. But remember that Waha
himself learned the Way from the three feathered rivals, and this is how we
remember it in our sacred ropes."


Is this good, bad or merely boring?

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