Flowery Orlanthi Language

From: Loren Miller (loren@wharton.upenn.edu)
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 13:04:50 EET

Nick Brooke suggests:

> Stale wind, curse of existence, (let's) be gone!
> Help us out and let us flee;
> You are evil, we adore you,
> As we lie and whimper behind this Lightbringer Temple door
> while the Lunar Army assembles outside to kick our
> butts at the start of the next gaming session...

Funny, yes, but unlikely to win a DI from Orlanth IMHO. The key
things to remember with Orlanthi Staves is that each line has four
beats to it. Also, if you write a good poem I'd hope your GM lets
your DI work automatically, only subtracting D10 POW from the

example of the beats

   STALE wind, CURSE of exISTence, let's be GONE!

Note that the uppercased syllables are the accented syllables in the
line of poetry, when spoken properly. Just follow that guide when you
write your own Wind Staves and you'll be fine.


  MIGHTy WIND, our GREAT king ORlanth!
  The winds inside us urge us to act
  To blow aside and scatter the enemy,
  Regardless of the slaughter that would follow here
  Among our allies, our innocent hosts,
  Who fed us meat and gave us ale to drink.

  When you slew the Evil Emperor
  His armies were far from your home and hearth,
  And could take no revenge upon the instant.
  We wish to protect this generous stead
  By silently escaping, quiet as a breeze,
  Over the Red Army's scouts and banners,
  And leaving our Mother's children free from menace.

  Please allow these priests to fool the enemy,
  Great Orlanth, by wafting us upon air currents
  To Thunder Peak, and your great temple there,
  And we shall sacrifice a red bull to you,
  One for each of us whom you carry.

  And then, as did our Lord in those days,
  We'll carry the battle to the Emperor's lands,
  Where warriors can fight boldly, slay scores,
  Without endangering those they love, who trust them.


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