Divination (I apologize in advance)

From: Carl Fink (carlf@panix.com)
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 19:52:52 EET

Maybe I'm just too concrete-minded or something. In any case, I
apologize for restarting one of the older and less fruitful of Digest
arguments, but I have to ask.

People are discussing whether Yelmalio is (or is on) the planet
Lightfore. Discussing it in a real world context makes sense to me.
("Does Greg mean that Lightfore is Yelmalio?") Discussing it in a
Gloranthan does not, and here's the reason: "Hey, Yelmalio: are you
the planet men call 'Lightfore'?"

In a world where people routinely talk to their gods, how could this
be a matter for debate? I don't mean that the people are necessarily
*right*, just that they'd be *sure*.

What would really bug me, is this scenario: if a priest who thinks
Yelmalio is Lightfore asks, Yelmalio answers "Yes, I am the planet men
call Lightfore, and that is one of my names."

If a priest who thinks Yelmalio is the Sky Dome asks, Yelmalio Answers
"No, I am the dome on which Lightfore walks."

That would bug me.
- --
Carl Fink


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