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Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 19:41:37 EET

> From: "Scott S. Atkins" <>
> Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 22:48:23 -0800
> Subject: Orlanthi divine intervention pleas...
> My Wind Lord's band has unfortunately been trapped by a bunch of worthless
> Lunars in Garhound's Lightbringer Temple. While we could probably fight our
> way out, this would cause a lot of trouble for the priests and
> townspeople...the Lunars know we're in there, but they haven't actually seen
> any of us yet (we snuck in, but someone must've talked). They were ordering
> the priests to un-bar the door or else when we had to stop last week. In
> order to save the priests and people of the town from the venegence the
> Lunars would exact if we decimated the garrison on our way out, I'm going to
> DI my band away so that the priests can play GM wants me to word
> my request to Orlanth with lots of flowery language. I was wondering if
> anyone out there had some ideas or examples of "Flowery Orlanthi Language"
> that I could incorporate into my DI, as I'm drawing a blank...please reply
> via E-Mail to <>. Thanks!

Orlanthi don't use "Flowery" speech. They use plain words, arranged
in alliterative staves. These plain words will contain lots of allusions
to Myths and Legends, though, and kennings like "Whale-Roads" for the
sea or "Bee-Wolf" for bears or "Bronze-Brand Clashing" for battle (in
Bronze Age Glorantha, that is. RW, it was usually Clashing of Spears, or
Feasting of Ravens).

Your best bet would be to try to stick to words of AngloSaxon roots (I
almost used "origin", there, which would break mine own rule) and/or
few word-bits (aka, "syllables", but that has a Latin root, and is thus
no good).

If you can get hold of a copy of the Prose Edda, or some other Icelandic
verse from the immediate post-Viking period, that would be a good start.
Verses from Celtic bards, like Taliessin or Amergin, might be good, as
well, but I know of few sources. They used imagery ad similes rather than
the allusions or kennings, but still use a small vocabulary.

And remember to invoke Far-travelling Mastakos, whose Magic you Crave, as
well as Mighty Orlanth, Who Adventures Always (or something like that).
Not as Cowards do you ask, but to save those in whose hall you were hosted.


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