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<> skribis:
> The best thing may be for you
> to try to describe from a trollish point of view what it is like to slowly
> devour a living sentient being. Personally, I'm not sure I want to get into
> the mind of a troll that much. (Such sick and twisted human figures as
> the fictional Hannibel Lechter and the all-too-real Jeffrey Dahmer might
> give you an idea why I prefer not to go there for my entertainment.)

**CAVEAT**: The following is NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

It's not too difficult to find parallels. In some areas of the world,
monkey brains are considered a delicacy. Raw monkey brains. Raw,
_live_, monkey brains. No-one cares all that much about the sounds,
actions and so on of the unfortunate primate whilst its thinking organ's
being spooned out. Maybe it's even a matter of some interest, the
various squeakings, convulsions and so on - perhaps keeping it alive for
as long as possible by eating around the edge, avoiding life-critical
bits. Devoid of Western ethos and qualms, it could be a quite
intriguing experience for the banquetor.

(Ahem, there are times when being a veggy's a reassuring thing ... um,
unless you're near a Troll, that is ...)

> Besides, there is a fine tradition in the official Chaosium stuff of
> labeling trolls such things as "callous," "brutal," and "crude" without much
> apparent worry.

True, but that's going to be written from a human (probably
Orlanthi/Lightbringer) perspective anyway; we're back to the business of
nothing being canonical; it's all relative to the viewpoint of the
(Gloranthan) author.

> I have been considering how the trolls, as a race, are described as "the
> Eaters" who are "preeminently devourers" in the world. Taking a bite of
> something and chewing it, especially for a race that doesn't particularly
> care whether the food is dead or not, is an inherently violent act.

Perhaps that's what a carrot thinks. Probably not what you think,
whilst you're eating it (presuming you do...:). A troll probably
thinks, "What's wrong with having an appetite?" Violence is a human
overlay onto Uz behaviour; Uz themselves I suspect have no real
perception of the concept, and those Trolls who speak human languages
wouldn't know whether to be puzzled by "violence", or insulted that
their perfectly natural behaviour's considered so offensive and

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