Re: Broken Broken Council

Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 20:28:50 EET

On the basis of what I now know, I have to disagree with Curtis Long on the
following points about the cancellation of the Broken Council:

1 -- Any statement or agreement you made in conjunction with my original
comments are without a solid basis, given that I retracted said comments
completely and without stint.

2 -- Placing blame for the LARP's cancellation on any one group is a petty
and ridiculous gesture, as we are all to blame in one way or another. I
personally consider we, the Glorantha aficionados, to be the most culpable in
this matter, as it was apathy on the part of many of us (and the vagueries of
real life for the rest) that put both the Chicago con and Broken Council in
jeopardy in the first place.

3 -- It is always the convention staff that takes the blame for an
unsuccessful event...I know, I've been there myself...and this is why I
stated, in no uncertain terms, that Andrew and the Chicago crew have done
okay. Yes, maybe they could have done better, but I will remind you that
convention staff members are *volunteers*...people who have freely given up
most of their personal time in order to receive little credit for success,
virtually all the blame for failure, and absolutely nothing in the way of
recompense for their efforts save a sense of personal accomplishment or
anguish. These people have just as many real-life concerns outside of
GloranthaCon as you or I do, yet they persistantly do the best they can for a
public that doesn't give a damn about them. I suggest that, until you have

had the dubious pleasure of running a convention yourself, don't point

- ----------

Yes, we are all disappointed that Broken Council won't run. Life goes on. Get
over it.

Enjoy the extra time you'll have to socialize with the *people*, rather than
the characters.

I know I will...

Michael Schwartz
When in danger, when in in circles, scream and shout!


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