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Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 22:30:00 EET

Multiple topics here:

Nick mentioned that the Glowline & the Kalikos cult have modified the
weather in the empire, so that it is usually sunny and rarely rains,
thus making irrigation necessary.

I am not so sure. Water planning has been necessary since Murharzarm's
time in the Oslir valley, but the area was originally a vast marsh.
Therefore, I think all that irrigation is more flood control, and an
effort to maintain semi-dry plots of land for grain crops. (Even then,
they traditionally plant rice in the lowlands).

The Lunars may have been making the weather less variable and severe,
but I don't think they'd eliminate rain and clouds. The cloud sheep of
the beloved Entekos still scamper across the sky, making beautiful
patterns and bringing gentle, warm rains to the land. The rains help
grow crops in the higlands, and wash clean the lovely cities and town of
the empire. Even Shagash's voice can still be heard, beating his
thunder drums and throwing skyspears at celestial enemies - especially
at mythically important times of the year.

Have the Orlanthi decided to try to weaken their sun, because they don't
like the Evil Emperor? Removing rain and clouds makes no sense.
(Though maybe they have convinced Entekos/Shafelsora that it's most
polite to rain only at night!)


Almost all biomes on Earth have a smallish canine predator - either
dingoes, jackals, wild dogs, aardwolves, coyotes, dholes, etc. I think
most Gloranthan ones do, too. Therefore, I'd put either coyotes or
jackals in Prax. Simple Praxians would fear that the coyotes would eat
their calves. More astute Praxians would notice that the coyotes mostly
eat the rabbits, rats, and insects that compete with their livestock for

the few available grasses....


Dogs go where people go. Therefore, in Prax there are dogs that hang
around the village and live on scraps, while keeping the wild canines
away from the herds. And they will bark when they sense intruders.


Pigs are another universal creature. Wild pigs can be found in almost
all forests, and even many grasslands. Therefore, while Dragon
Pass/Maniria is certainly a mythic stronghold of piggery, it needn't be
the sole source. Ralios, Western Peloria, and no doubt Kralorela have
their own pig deities. I can see a universal Earth connection though,
as pigs are very fertile, very strong, and spend a lot of time rooting
around in the dirt and living in dens.


I loved (Chris Leman's?) suggestion that solars traditionally use
hawking as a way to keep damaging birds out of the fields!

Ravens are impressive animals. My 100 pound dog, who on may occasions
has proven herself to be quite the predator, is afraid of the crows that
land in the yard. It is not surprising that a Gloranthan culture
would associate ravens with tricksters.


Intent or action in heroquesting? I would use the Pendragon traits, or,
if you don't like them, just use your player's intent. I think that a
heroquest may work if the intent is wrong, but at the core it is a
deceitful act. And deceit on such a powerully magical level might
cause the Trickster to take an interest. Then your quest goes all
higgledy-piggledy, and you might not get what you wanted at all!



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