Garundyer got better though, Free Ghost

From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 23:53:27 EET

Greetings, all.

Michael Raaterova:
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>It's true, it's true! He turned me into a newt ! (I got better

Hmm... It seems that we like the same movies...

Martin Laurie gives a list of heroes,
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and that made me think of something. What about Garundyer?
The Genertela Book describes him as the greatest living HeroQuester,
and his future seems very promising.
But I have never seen his name elsewhere. Has his story ever been
written or told?
Or does no one care? And, if so, why?

Carl Fink:
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>Detached spirits are different -- just as offensive to the Lord of Death, mind, but he uses the separate Free Ghost spell on them.

Maybe, but Free Ghost belongs to the Ancestors Cult. Does a subcult
makes it available for Humakti?

Yours, Thomas.


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