Kaz lives!

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 23:04:00 EET

David Cake treated us to some fine discussions of the nature of
Glornathan deities, and of tricksters in Dara Happa.

> There is definately a connection between Basko and Kazkurtum, They are both
'Yelms Shadow' in
some sense, they are connected to each other in GRoY, and sometimes

Not to mention that they share the upside-down step pyramid theme!

>And while Kazkurtum is seen as very sinister, that is only from a
conservative Dara Happan
view. For during the time of Kazkurtum, people do things that they
normally would have found
unthinkable, some of which we might consider horrifying too (it is the
Great Darkness after all), but also includes such things as having
pleasurable sex, enjoying being artistic, etc. I think we are in
Trickster territory!

Could be - but I think Kaz also represents the misuse (or unjust use)
of power - certainly a common occurance in Yelmic societies. I believe
Kazkurtem is to Yelmies as the Evil Emperor is to the Orlanthi.
(Interestingly, fighting against Kazkurtem as Emperor is OK for Dara
Happans! Well, for Shargash, anyway.)

However, Kaz is kind of a trickster. He is in effect a comment on What
Not to Do, and lurks, trickster like, within all Yelmies. There was
also Kazkurtem's stunt with the rock - when his image permeated through
to the top of the stone, even when it had been tipped over (one of my
favorite FS bits). This does seem tricksterous.

Therefore, Kaz does seem to be both truely evil (at times) and also
tickster. Not surprisong, from a DH POV.



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