Me Smash, You die. HA HA HA!

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp) (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 03:07:59 EET

I have been following the ZZ = Uz trickster thread with great interest (
of course! its about trolls! ) and find myself liking the connection
more and more...

I'm afraid that I must agree that violence<=>humor connection rings true
to me. I think that Violence fascinates the UZ the same way that humor
fascinates humans.

Most humans love to laugh, enjoy joking and see value in humor -- in
it's place. However, humans don't TRUST comedians, and there is nothing
so annoying as someone who Cannot stop joking. Normal people realize
that too much humor is bad and dangerous, but we all enjoy it in
moderation. Thus the trickster, though an outcast, is vital to the
human psyche.

Humans almost universally fear violence, and at best consider it (or at
least Pretend to consider it) a nescessary evil, something to be used to
get your way when all else fails.

The Uz, on the other hand love violence. Smashing through the shell of
a Ham beetle, nibbling the toes off a live elf and sucking out the sap,
watching a Really Good game of Trollball, or even just getting in a fist
fight in the hall -- its WONDERFUL! in moderation. No one wants to
deal with a Death Lord in a foul mood... too much violence is, well, too
much. ZZ is just too much of a good thing for most Uz. In (IMO)
exactly the same way that Eurmal is too much humor for most humans.

Uz are willing to resort to humor to get out of a bad spot... but I
think they are rarely comfortable with it, and it is frowned upon. Enlo
will do something amusing to avoid being eaten, or a Karrgs Son will
laugh off his defeat by the afore-mentioned Death Lord, but having to
resort to humor is (again IMO) frowned upon by the bulk of Uzdom.

So, in much the same way that human societies rarely have a single god
devoted to Violence for the sake of violence, but most human gods use
violence in one way or another, I believe that the Uz have no Trickster
God, or god of humor for humor's sake. Many troll gods will have
trickster attributes in varying degrees, in the same way that many human
gods are violent, but I think that a Really Funny troll is regarded by
other trolls with much the same nervousness and contempt as a Really
Violent human would be by you or I.

- -----------
Now a question....
Is Eurmal really a "human" god?

with all this ZZ-trickster stuff making me think about such things, I
was wondering if Eurmal might not be a troll or some such thing... In
our world, Loki was a giant, or enemy god... makes sence that Eurmal
might be something similar... ( a chaos entity of some sort?)

Am I just ignorant of his lineage... or is it actually unknown? Seems
like a fun thing to play with at any rate. Basically my thought was,
why would the trolls bother with an uz trickster when they can catch,
torture, kick around and laugh at good ol' Eurmal. He appears in some
of their legends (well, the one about death at least), and obviously
spent non-trivial amounts of time (or pre-time <g>) in the underworld...
and I think He of all people would ENJOY being called a
"nose-hurting-loper." just a thought...



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