Bravo, Loren; troll violence quibble

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 03:18:43 EET

In V4 #72, Loren Miller wrote a wonderful poem beginning with

> MIGHTy WIND, our GREAT king ORlanth!


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James Frusetta wrote, apropos of trollish violence:
>Hmmm. The original trolls weren't violent, though, IMO (Wonderhome =

Whether or not that's true, it has little to do with Uzko today. Adam and
Eve didn't fight in the Garden, and they were supposedly the same type of
person alive today. Whereas all the trolls down in Wonderhome were/are
Uzuz. Uzko came about only in Komor, the Hurtplace.

For the record, ZZ as Trickster is good to think and helps us understand
that frightful and awful character. Is it True in Carl Fink's "One Truth"
sense? Ah, it's words, images, stories.

- --Martin


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