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From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 04:32:55 EET

One little thing about the idea that a rune magic spell is a ritual, that is
based on the RQ rules: a rune spell takes only 1SR to cast! I don't know
about you but that's a bl&^8y quick ritual!

So perhaps what happens to finally cast a rune magic spell is that the
        o sacrifices POW (in alternate system) for RunePower
        o learns the intimate secret of the divine being's actions from a
          priest or lord who already has the spell - ie. learns the spell.
        o can use the secret to invoke the spell using RunePower.

After all, initiates are going to have been through ceremonies which show
off the important features and abilities of the divine being: for example,

Orlanth's shield, wind words etc. What is being taught by the RL/RP is not
what the divine being *did* - every initiate+ knows that already - but how to
invoke the effects instantaneously.

I bet the arming of Orlanth wasn't done inside 1 second! But the mythic
effects of the arming are still resonating and can be 'tapped' by mortals.

Of course, this is why RP/RL are very picky about who they teach spells to:
if you have a guide, and at least some of the mindset required, it is not too
hard to learn any divine being's spell.

Lots of MGF possible:
        o to become a RL/RP is more than just ticking that you know the spells:
          you must actually recite a reasonable version to the GM (high priest)
          of each one! And, going on the above, actually cast it to prove you
          can tap into the resonant portion and use the spell.
        o temple politics coming into whether a spell is taught or not. Perhaps
          a priest or high priest grooming a favoured initate will teach them
          much more than is good for them... or so it is seen by another member
          of the hierachy.
        o an initiate+, after years in the cult, stumbles (guided by the divine
          being) across the secret of the tapping the resonance themselves -
          their Wind Words might be 2pts but hear underwater or against the

All IMHO of course :-)
Robert McArthur


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