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Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 05:25:01 EET

G'day all,

Broken Broken Council

Michael Schwartz writes:
>On the basis of **what I now know**, I have to disagree with Curtis Long
>on the following points about the cancellation of the Broken Council

Then you have everyone else at a disadvantage, particulary Curtis who has
only been with us for a few days. What is it that you know that other
people who wanted to play BC don't?

>[Convention organisers] ...have just as many real-life concerns outside
>of GloranthaCon as you or I do, yet they persistantly do the best they can
>for a public that doesn't give a damn about them. I suggest that, until you

>have had the dubious pleasure of running a convention yourself, don't
>point fingers.

As one who *has* had the "dubious pleasure" of running a convention
myself - RQ Con Down Under; "never again" was my solemn vox
afterwards! - I will nevertheless refrain from pointing fingers. However,
it is my experience that a great deal of "the public,", rather than not
giving a damn, are inclined to be supportive, patient and more than happy to
step in when the chips are down, >>particularly if you ask it!<<* Look
what happened when the Broken Council announcement was posted here!

>I personally consider we, the Glorantha aficionados, to be the most
>culpable in this matter, as it was apathy on the part of many of us
>(and the vagueries of real life for the rest) that put both the Chicago
>con and Broken Council in jeopardy in the first place.

But is it 'apathy' when most people weren't even aware that BC was likely to
be cancelled until early January?

Even without the LARPs, I think Chicago will be a lot of fun and, if
RQ Con Du and the various Convulsions are anything to go by, probably

better attended than people might imagine. The vagaries of real life have
kept me away this time - as a teacher I couldn't attend because the
con was the weekend right before the Australian school year begins; now
that I've changed jobs, it's because I haven't got sufficient leave accrued.

>Enjoy the extra time you'll have to socialize with the *people*, rather
>than the characters.

Yep, that's the best part of a con, in my opinion! I know all the Reaching
Moon boys will have a drink for me!



*and even when you don't: on the last night of RQ Con DU the number of
people who stepped forward unbidden to help with the clearing up was
fantastic: I remember dispatching a group of volunteers to clean up the
litter in the rooms, only to find that a group of lads had grabbed some
bins and picked them clean already!).

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.12.065-health warning: temple water polo team take note!)
Even once one gets used to sucking water into the lungs, the sensation
the Breathe Water spell gives remains most unpleasant. Even worse is
at the end of its duration, when you must retch and vomit up the
water still in you. Expel it from your lungs quickly or you may drown,
even if on land. Anaximander, sage.


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