Argan Argar Wants Peace?

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 10:17:16 EET

James wrote, inter alia:

> I'd argue for XU, Xentha, Argan Argar, Aranea and Subere as being
> primarily peaceful in outlook...

I think if you lived next door to a troll empire on the surface world,
you'd revise your opinion of Argan Argar. Those trollkin militia aren't
just for show, y'know. It's only since the nobbling of Stygia and the
Shadowlands that we've thought of Argan Argar as a god of "trolls being
friendly to other folk" -- he used to be the troll god of Empires.

Arf asks:

> Can anyone tell me what may be found at the Monkey Ruins? Is there
> a temple to grandfather baboon?

Monkey Ruins, aka Gorilla City, was the legendary Godtime capital of the
Empire of the Baboons, which Monkey (the Baboon trickster) promised Gorilla
(the Baboon hero) he'd establish in exchange for Gorilla's tail. Gorilla
paid up, but Monkey didn't (ha ha!), and the former city is now mostly a
collapsing heap of rubble.

It's a brilliant place, if you like overgrown urban decay. There's
architecture designed for the convenience of long-armed prehensile types,
statues of apes and monkeys, ruined temples to the Baboon gods (Grandfather
Baboon, Monkey, Gorilla, Mandrill the First Shaman), etc. There's usually
several troops of Baboons camped out around Monkey Ruins, throwing rocks
(and worse) at newcomers they dislike. More on the Baboons and their gods
is in Tales #15, "What Father Gabran Told Me (for what it's worth)".

Pam twits me:

> Nick mentioned that the Glowline & the Kalikos cult have modified
> the weather in the empire, so that it is usually sunny and rarely
> rains, thus making irrigation necessary. I am not so sure.

Nope, what I was trying to say was that *since* the agriculture of the
Lunar Heartlands is mostly irrigation-based already (and has been since
before Time), the fact that after the rise of the Red Moon the amount of
cloud cover, rain and snow decreased doesn't matter a jot to most farmers
'cos they get their water from the river anyway. It's not that there *are*
no clouds in the sky above Peloria: there are fewer than there used to be,
and they're "better behaved".



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