Pelorian Prosopaedia and proselytising

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 11:16:43 EET

        OK, another revision to the Pelorian Prosopaedia. The main changes are
Yelorna has been removed. She may yet reappear, but gone for now.
The individual Lowfires have been removed (Gustbran, Mahome, Oakfed) due to
general doubt about their degree of Pelorianness. They have been replaced
with a single entry for 'the Lowfires'.

        On the issue of the Celestial Court, I have made no change. I have
left the common ('God Learner') version of the Court in, as well as the
Plentonic, as I am not at all convinced that the common version is entirely
unacknowledged in Peloria, and more importantly there doesn't appear to be
any concensus on the matter. I agree with Peter and Pam that the Plentonic
version would be regarded a the correct one by scholars etc, but I'm not
sure about anyone else. So, it stays for the time being.

        I can't see any major changes being made until there is more
material to draw on. But feel free to make comments - no criticism is too
small or large to listened too, there is simply no guarantee I will accept
it. But as I have thoughfully provided it in Word 6 file editable form (at, you can always edit your
copy to reflect your views anyway.
        I would particularly appreciate input from Chaosium folks (maybe I
should add a copyright notice, given as a lot of it is taken closely from
the Gloranthan Prosopaedia, for example).
        As always, its available on the web at

Proselytising - I am the Fan Guest of Honour at a local science fiction
convention. One of the indulgences of the position is I have secured an
hour to talk about Glorantha, and spread the word. Can I have some
suggestions from the assembled digestive wisdom as to how best get across
the glories of Glorantha in an hour?
        Hopefully, I can then follow it up be running Tarsh War for
interested parties a few weeks later.



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