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Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 13:12:41 EET

James Frusetta says:

> So the RW model sure doesn't fit what you're saying, as I understand it.

So what? Glorantha is not the real world. Obviously, it is easier to
make parallels with RW examples and say this god is like this other
god, but it is not always true.

The reasons I do not accept that Raven has to be the god of Ravens

1. Raven is primarily a Praxian deity, mentioned nowhere else, as I
recall. If he were the god of all Ravens, he would be mentioned
elsewhere. The Solar peoples would say that Vrimak's child is the god
of Ravens, not some obscure Praxian Spirit.

2. In the Myth of the creation of the Three Feathered Rivals, Yelm
created Sun Hawk and Orlanth created Thunder Bird in a contest,
whereupon Raven, who was a friend of Trickster, ruled in Orlanth's
favour, so Sun hawk chased him from the field. This refutes the idea
that all Bird Deities are descended from Vrimak, so why does Raven
have to be of Vrimak's seed?

3. It makes Raven more interesting than having his actions dictated
by the actions of a RW creature.

> And interestingly enough, if he's a primarily a Darkness spirit, why no
> association with the Darkness rune? (Tales #14) And if he's not associated
> with ravens, why the Beast rune?

Because the Tales write-up is merely a sketch. Look to the writeup of
the three Feathered Rivals in Different Worlds for a fuller version.
This clearly states that Raven is a Darkness Spirit and gives some
nice versions of the cults of Raven, Sun Hawk and Thunder Bird, if
you ignore the joining into one supercult.

> "I'm Yelmalio, I'm running."
> -Farzote, Initiate of Yelmalio

We always played that Yelmalians were proud of their Yellow Streak,
symbol of their God. Yelmalians could get the gift of running away -
increased movement in retreat.

> As for the Mralot worship in Balazar, you forget the fact that
> the worship of Mralota may have _diffused_ from its manirian
> homeland by the actions of the EWF or some other polity to have
> arrived at Balazar in the third age.

Balazar himself stole an idol of Mralota and introduced Pig-herding
into Balazar in the Second Age. She is clearly not a native goddess.


David Cake says:

> You seen to have missed the point - the original question was 'is
> the God Yelmalio believed to be the same as the planet Lightfore?'. The
> discussion as I understand what was not another 'is Yelm Somash?' type
> discussion, but a discussion of what the various Yelmalio/ Antirius/ Elmal
> etc. worshippers believe as regards to their gods relationship to various
> celestial bodies.

Yep, probably did, sorry. Yelmalio is the Sky Dome, according to all
the write-ups, that is why the Temples are huge Golden Domes, or
little thatched huts painted yellow, depending on how rich they are.
How this equates to a planet which travels the SunPath escapes me.
I know that he is described as the Winter Sun, maybe that is wrong.

> Anyway, enough ranting on a well covered topic.

But a well-loved one.


Thomas Doniol-Valcroze wonders about Undead.

A simple solution would be to say Undead = anything without POW, with
MPs. This is wrong as it does not include ghosts. How about anything
dead which has its spirit bound, which includes Ghosts and Thanatari
Heads? This is wrong as it now includes Bound Spirits, so all those
Humakti with Bound Spirits would fall on their swords. How about
anything which the GM says is Undead? Ah ..............


> E.g. if the Axe Maidens attack while Harrek is helping Orlanth's hero Argrath,
> does Ernalda ask her kinswomen Babeester Gor not to anger Ernalda's husband?

This would not necessarily happen. Orlanthi mythology/history is full
of stories of Orlanthi Heroes killing each other. If Orlanth allows
this, why should Babeester Gor care?

> How large a sylph does Orlanth summon to disarm the Axe Maiden?

Orlanth would not summon a Sylph, Harrek would. There are always
counter-arguments against any tactic, but that does not alter the
fact that a Berserk Harrek could be killed by a powerful enough
person or group of people.

> Did you mention Teleport? An Orlanth/Mastakos spell, I recall...

Great is the power of Issaries.

While on the subject, I do not agree with the idea of "Mastery of the
Infinity Rune" - too gross for my tastes, too wooly from a rules
point of view and smacks too much of "you can't do that - why? -
because you can't".

The idea that an Axe would burst with Slash 100 is ludricous. If you
have to invent rules to make your point, you do not have a strong

The example of the Axe Maiden was merely there to illustrate that
it is possible to kill Harrek, not that it is the way to do it. In my
opinion, only a group of powerful Heroes would have a chance. Of
course, if your campaign has reached that stage, then why not?

HeroQuesting With Intent

Surely, it all depends on which HeroQuest you are on? With Androclese
and the Lion, the lion repaid a kindness done to it. The reason
behind it is not important. There are probably other quests where the
action is more important. However, I would not want to take Orlanth's
part in freeing Yelm and undergo the Fires with ulterior motives - in
my opinion, Orlanth only survived because he had the most selfless of

In my HeroQuests, those who abuse things by faking emotions find that
when they meet something which they do not know about, either through
poor research or through the actions of other HeroQuestors, they have
to rely on their limited knowledge and often fail. Had they had the
correct Personality Traits (or mindset), they would have succeeded,
or at least had a better chance.

See Ya


Simon Phipp
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