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From: Donald Wachenschwanz (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 19:22:12 EET

Robert McArthur wrote:
> One little thing about the idea that a rune magic spell is a ritual, that is
> based on the RQ rules: a rune spell takes only 1SR to cast! I don't know
> about you but that's a bl&^8y quick ritual!
> So perhaps what happens to finally cast a rune magic spell is that the
> character:
> o sacrifices POW (in alternate system) for RunePower
> o learns the intimate secret of the divine being's actions from a
> priest or lord who already has the spell - ie. learns the spell.
> o can use the secret to invoke the spell using RunePower.

Cheers! Good summary.
However, in a situation where an Orlanthi is being approached by a Lunar with lowered
spear, this particular Orlanthi, who for whatever reason has never been shown the
secrets of "The Arming of Orlanth," but knows that Orlanth is an awesome deity, thinks
in a split second, "Orlanth protect me from that spear:" Will not Orlanth, in
recognition of the worshipper's devotion (runepower points) cause the worshipper to be
surrounded by his Shield (or "Turn Spear" as someone suggested)?

I think ritual is more cultural, magic more practical. But then I've never been

Donald Wachenschwanz


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