Re: Flowery Orlanthi Poetry

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 14:21:46 EET

Hi Scott,

> This is awsome! I'll make a few changes, but this is it! I'll
> just say that Gideon (my Wind Lord) was suddenly inspired by the
> thought of the cowardly Lunars slaughtering those who can't leave
> town after we bust out, or something. Now if only I could find
> out who tipped off the Lunars that my band was even in this part of
> the world

Glad you liked it. Note that I think that the more typical Orlanthi
position would be this:

We are at war
This town is occupied by the enemy, and the townspeople will have to
   make sacrifices because we are ALL at war
There is a traitor in this town who betrayed us and the town
When we bust out the town is going to be punished for hosting us,
   directly because of the actions of this traitor

We will bust out and destroy the lunar soldiers
We will take the townspeople and their chattals with us into the
Any townspeople who stay will have to face lunar vengeance
We vow blood vengeance on the traitor and his kin
Any whom the lunars kill are casualties of war, and heroes, hail
   them for their courage!

In fact, I think most warlike, non-collaborationist Orlanthi would
view DIing to escape as cowardice.


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