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Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 19:47:53 EET

In a message dated 1/14/97 2:55:10 AM, MOB wrote:

>Then you have everyone else at a disadvantage, particulary Curtis who has
>only been with us for a few days. What is it that you know that other
>people who wanted to play BC don't?

I would suggest you contact Eric Rowe for the full story, but suffice it to
say that no single person or group of persons is to blame for the
cancellation of Broken Council. As the old saying goes, "For want of a nail,
the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a
horse, the king was lost. For want of a king, the battle was lost."

>As one who *has* had the "dubious pleasure" of running a convention
>myself - RQ Con Down Under; "never again" was my solemn vox
>afterwards! - I will nevertheless refrain from pointing fingers.

"Never again" is heard from con organizers more often than not these days,
alas. I'll say nothing further on the subject of finger-pointing, save that
it is a futile and annoying exercise.

>But is it 'apathy' when most people weren't even aware that BC was likely to

>be cancelled until early January?

No, it is apathy when those people who knew they could attend GloranthaCon
(i.e., those who were able to clear their schedules well in advance of the
convention) and in fact would be, had not even sent in their registrations
until after the beginning of the year.

Either that, or procrastination, but then they're terribly difficult to tell
apart these days... :p

>Even without the LARPs, I think Chicago will be a lot of fun and [snip]
>probably better attended than people might imagine.

I agree, and I've said as much to several people who emailed me privately. If
people are truly so upset by these last-minute misfortunes, let them stay
home. I think they'll regret the decision in the end, though.

> >Enjoy the extra time you'll have to socialize with the *people*, rather
> >than the characters.
>Yep, that's the best part of a con, in my opinion! I know all the Reaching

>Moon boys will have a drink for me!

Even those of us who *aren't* part of the Megacorp will hoist one fin your
honor, MOB... :)

Michael Schwartz
When in danger, when in in circles, scream and shout!


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