Killing Harrek - 2

From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue 14 Jan 1997 - 20:40:36 EET

Simon Phipp argues:
>While on the subject, I do not agree with the idea of "Mastery of the
>Infinity Rune" - too gross for my tastes, too wooly from a rules
>point of view and smacks too much of "you can't do that - why? -
>because you can't".

Too GROSS for your tastes!?!

 From the man who has players that clobbered Harrek, Argrath, Ralzakark and
_stopped_ the Hero Wars because they didn't "like" them?

Too "wooly" from a rules point of view? Its not wooly simply because there are
no rules on it at all, its merely an aside and not intended for testing. You
say it smacks of "you can't do that - why? - >because you can't"isms which is
true but the reason is there. You can't hit Harrek as you described or with
Rune Level characters or with whole Regiments of magicians _because_ he is
immune to such things due to the Infinity Rune. If you want rules, look in
Dragon Pass where Harrek is immune to magic attacks and can "extend" this to
save up to three Regiments he's with (some three thousand men) which is pretty
damn convincing when it comes to showing his ability to manipulate the power
flow around him wouldn't you say?

Hell read KoS where the whole magical might of the Lunar Colleges is dropped on
his head, he shrugs that off and fries their minds by doing so.

>The example of the Axe Maiden was merely there to illustrate that
>it is possible to kill Harrek, not that it is the way to do it. In my
>opinion, only a group of powerful Heroes would have a chance. Of
>course, if your campaign has reached that stage, then why not?

Because its boring.

Many people would accuse me of being a power gamer and many people, including
myself, would be nearly right but I draw the line at nobbling Superheroes.

You - say why not? I say - why bother? When you play characters that tough,
you've rewritten the game world, and thats fine in your own game but Glorantha
as a background for many couldn't function as written with that kind of slant on
it. We might as well dish out the tights to all the player characters and ask
for details of their secret identities and sidekicks and prepare our GM evil
laughter for the bad guys.......

Martin Laurie


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