Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #77

From: Simon Phipp (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 00:44:51 EET

Paolo Guccione:
>some of these points were much better highlighted in
>Simon Phipp's page. Simon, where is all that nice stuff now?

"Nice stuff" - thanks.

It's still there, but not on AOL - for some reason they decided to
kill me off, something to do with MasterCard and Credit Limits - it's
all beyond me.

However, as I am in Ireland now and cannot dial into AOL (even though
their HQ are in Dublin - very clever) I am looking for another
Service Provider. IOL looks like my best bet so far. When I get more
news, I will post the old pages and perhaps some new ones.

In the meantime, if anyone wants a copy of my Web Pages, email me at and I will endeavour to send a ZIP file
to you.

If my HeroQuest to IOL fails, due to excessive powergaming, I may put
the pages on Philip Hibbs' site.


James Frustela makes a number of points, all of which are probably
valid, but comes up with the killer:

> 4. I happen to _like_ it.

Enough reason, in my book.

Simon Phipp
Back in the land of the living


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