Ghosts, Heroes

From: Steven E. Barnes (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 01:07:46 EET

As I recall, the Cults of Prax writeup gives Humakti
*Create* Ghost, not Free Ghost. A Ghost/spirit is dead,

hence not a problem for Humakt.

On heroes: the heroes in my campaign are the player characters.
To give NPCs like Harrek mystical fate protection, or
whatever, is a unfair to the players (unless similar dispensation
is available for PCs). In otherwords, if the PCs are powerful
enough, NPC heroes are fair game.

On the other hand, I find the whole "lets use mind link to
cast huge amounts of magic" argument to be silly. As an RQ3
hater, it is obvious that rune magic needs some kind of stacking
limit, and as has been argued many times before, Axe Trance is
a ludicrous spell.

On RunePower: I was going to post my varient, but I assumed
there would be a huge outcry from the rules-hating readers.
The basic idea is that characters have separate pools for
each rune, in proportion to the runes of their god (Humakt
would be 2 Death per 1 Truth, for example). More if anyone cares.

- -steve


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