Killing Harrek, or the Chicken and the Egg

From: Ed Tonry (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 03:21:04 EET

David Cake said:

>Ideally, I would like to see rules that made it obvious that
>Harrek could be killed, and also made it obvious that no mere
>clever tricks with a 100 initiates would do it,...

But you have to consider which comes first: is Harrek a hero because he
does heroic things? Or can he do heroic things because he is a hero?

If the Axe Maiden can get 100 initiates to loan her their spells, and
can handle the magical surge, this lets her have a shot at Harrek, but
it also means she's pretty damn good. She still has to beat Harrek in
the fight, but she has a chance. Only a Hero can beat Harrek? But if
she beats him, doesn't _that_ prove she was a hero all along? Actually,
doesn't that make her a hero _now_?

What, after all, was Harrek before he killed the bear?

Ed Tonry


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