Heroism from a Farmer's POV

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 03:02:00 EET

Loren the Miller feels that the honorable Orlanthi position on a tragic
but heroic stand off with the enemy should be:

>We are at war. This town is occupied by the enemy, and the townspeople will
have to make sacrifices because we are ALL at war. There is a traitor
in this town who betrayed us and the town.

>We will bust out and destroy the enemy soldiers. We will take the townspeople
and their chattals with us into the hills. Any townspeople who stay
will have to face lunar vengeance themselves.

>Any whom the lunars kill are casualties of war, and heroes, hail them for
their courage!

"I would remind these brave warriors that, although they may be in a
great hurry to feast in Orlanth's Hall, the rest of us may not be so
eager. Orlanth Lightbringer gifted us the Clan, the Clan Ring and the
Clan Moot. Decisions which involve the life and death of the Clan
should be made by the Clan. If decisions of such import are left to
foolish boys who confuse their swords with their cocks, then we Folk of
Heort are doomed.

"I am not afraid to abandon the safety of our steads for the rigors of
the hills. Every year, I make sure our safeholds in the wilds are
stocked with blankets and food. But to take my family into the barren
hills, to listen to the babies whimper from the cold, and to burn my
husband, that it is a decision _I_ will make.

Theya Two-Mothers, Godia of the Varmandi, 1350-something


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