r.e. offing Harrek: What ever happened to criticals?

From: Graham Wren (wren@fortwhyte.mb.ca)
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 07:45:19 EET

I always thought that because of critical hits, even Heroes could be
killed. That is the charm about RQ: in D&D, Heroes don't HAVE to
negotiate with mundane folk. They put whole towns to sleep or use
bigger and bigger fireballs. In RQ, even the greatest of the great are
not made so by hit points, but by their skills. I've played high level
(non-Gloranthan) campaigns and low-to-Rune level Gloranthan games, and
EVERYONE should worry about critical hits!

(The one thing I did like about RQ3 was calculating Hit Points based on
SIZ and CON, rather than on CON and adding a small SIZ bonus. That way
you didn't need a phony add to dinosaurs etc. to give them enough HP's.)


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