Humakt, Trickster

From: Scott Haney (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 02:31:30 EET


Humakti can become ghosts. However, this is a very rare occurrence
(most Humakti are HAPPY to stay dead), and the thought that something
was happening that would make a Humakti stay as a ghost frightens the
crap out of most Gloranthans who know of Humakt. (See Cults of Prax
for a blurb on this.)


Had another Trickster thought (not involving Bob or anyone from
Monty Python turning anyone into a newtling):

In Glorantha, myth and reality are intertwined. Myth affects
the mundane and the mundane reflects reality. In a sentence:

        Everything you believe of the gods is true.

After reading much (good!) discussion of Tricksters both trollish
and otherwise, I must add:

        Everything you believe of Trickster is wrong!

I think that sums him up quite nicely.

Scott Haney
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