Knot Widsom, Lightfore as Yelmalio

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Knotted Wisdom
>The article in Tales #14 about Praxian Ropes sparked off an idea.

I am exploring this to some extent in my next volume of Drastic.
Constellations are being expressed as story-knots. This type of wisdom
you express seems a bit too esoteric, and a bit too long, for tying into
knots. But I like the idea of it a lot. If it was a simpler model, with
maybe one round of actions, one round of concepts, and one round of
traits, it might have more use to the Praxians.

Carl Fink <>
Divination (I apologize in advance)
>What would really bug me, is this scenario: if a priest who thinks
>Yelmalio is Lightfore asks, Yelmalio answers "Yes, I am the planet men
>call Lightfore, and that is one of my names."
>If a priest who thinks Yelmalio is the Sky Dome asks, Yelmalio Answers
>"No, I am the dome on which Lightfore walks."
>That would bug me.
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But I think it is accurate -- different temples of this somewhat
independent deity, especially widely scattered ones, might get different
answers. They have different geasa, different gifts, somewhat different
practices, and a slightly different god. As time goes on, one of these
versions might become dominant over the other, or the two might separate
into _different_ deities. This is one explanation of why we now have both
Yelmalio and Elmal -- the Elmali started believing different things about
their god, to the point where they had to have two of them.

But I'm sure it bugs hell out of each side that the others get a
different answer> Ah, religious warfare can be so much fun -- remember
the Cathars? Or indeed, almost any Christian sect in the Middle Ages
which did not accept Rome as the seat of all rightness?

Stephen Martin
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