Re: Killing Harrek, or the Chicken and the Egg

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 13:05:07 EET

> David Cake said:
> >Ideally, I would like to see rules that made it obvious that
> >Harrek could be killed, and also made it obvious that no mere
> >clever tricks with a 100 initiates would do it,...
> But you have to consider which comes first: is Harrek a hero because he
> does heroic things? Or can he do heroic things because he is a hero?
> If the Axe Maiden can get 100 initiates to loan her their spells, and
> can handle the magical surge, this lets her have a shot at Harrek, but
> it also means she's pretty damn good. She still has to beat Harrek in
> the fight, but she has a chance. Only a Hero can beat Harrek? But if
> she beats him, doesn't _that_ prove she was a hero all along? Actually,
> doesn't that make her a hero _now_?
> What, after all, was Harrek before he killed the bear?
Perhaps I've got heroquesting all wrong, but my understanding of becoming a

hero is that you have a backdoor out of hell: at least the same one as used
by your god. Thus, heroes (and superheroes) may actually *be* killed by
some enourmous act. The big problem is stopping the b&gger from coming back

from the dead and either a) coming back just after you've killed 'em, or
b) looking up your address later.

Heroes and superheroes are hard to's even harder to keep them dead!

Robert McArthur
PS. after all RL/RPs get DI, shamans get to come back!


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