Trait rolls on heroquesters etc.

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 12:48:59 EET

Many have talked about traits and HQs

Basically the arguement has swung between whether or not trait rolls
should determine how a character acts. This I believe is unnecessary
and a flawed interpretation of how traits should be used.

I believe that traits should describe how a character feels and acts,
not force the character to act in a specific manner. They should be

a reflection of the character's soul, not a mechanic for forcinf them
to act in a certain manner.

In the mundane world traits have little direct effect, appart from
aiding roleplaying and helping players make difficult decisions
where they are unsure of how their character might act. Take the
lusty (married) Orlanthi who is invited to spend the night by an
alluring woman. The player is not sure of how his character might

react (the character is no chaste Yelmy saint but he does love his
wife...). The answer is a simple opposed roll between lust and love
wife. Importantly the winning trait may increase and the losing may
decrease (thus the traits follow the actions). If the player had
decided how the character would act the opposed roll would be
unnecessary, but the traits might still have changed.

On the heroplane, IMO, mortals still have free will. However, the
mythical significance of actions is based upon both the action and
the intent. Thus, if the PC heals the lion/dog/tabby cat/mongoose
or whatever they have carried out the mythical action, however, if
they do not do so out of Mercy (make trait roll) then they will not
receive some or all of the benefits of the HQ.

Thus, roleplaying is left to the player, but traits become important
on HQs.



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