Praxian Sun God?

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Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 10:22:42 EET

> According to Scott Schneider, the Praxian expert, they call the Sun
> "Bright Treasure". I think what it is varies with the teller, as
> does who brought it -- Waha or Storm Bull. I think that the original
> Praxian Sun God was so badly destroyed that it was not brought back
> as fully, say, as Yelm or even Elmal [sic]. It is merely the Bright
> part of the god, not the God part.
> Personally, I have advocated for a number of years that the original
> Praxian Sun God was Yamsur the Splendid. I won't go into the
> evidence in detail here. But NO ONE in Glorantha knows this today.

I remember (vaguely) from Cults of Prax that the khans of Waha are
required to sing the "Song of Rising Waha" at dawn each day, which of
course suggests some kind of solar ties for the deity. Granted, Waha
is not implicitly a solar deity, but the lack of any other candidate
except for the Sun Hawk spirit makes him a possibility.


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