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Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 19:35:44 EET

I pome writ by me WRT Garrath Sharpsword giving a PC a reason why the GM
didn't want him to fight with Griselda after the player had seen her stats:

"My iron sword and iron knife say more than any else alive
About the ways to take - and give - from those that die, and those who live.
Come storm, come rain, come sun, come cold, the fighter's way is for the bold
And strong who want to make their name: and reap rewards and far flung fame.
And I declare to those who hear, (for I hold fame from far and near),
I have a friend whom I hold dear, who lives within the city here -
A hero in her own true right, and if you dare to try to fight
My friend with hair of golden red, I'll bet four Wheels you'll end up dead."



End of Glorantha Digest V4 #82

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