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Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 14:26:31 EET

"It is said that Theya Two-Mothers, Godia of the Varmandi spake in
favor of surrendering Orlanth's realm in the Middle Air to the Red

> "I would remind these brave warriors that, although they may be in a
> great hurry to feast in Orlanth's Hall, the rest of us may not be so
> eager. Orlanth Lightbringer gifted us the Clan, the Clan Ring and the
> Clan Moot. Decisions which involve the life and death of the Clan
> should be made by the Clan. If decisions of such import are left to
> foolish boys who confuse their swords with their cocks, then we Folk of
> Heort are doomed.

"I am a Wind Lord of Orlanth, of a tribe and clan I dare not name, a
rank I attained after years of pious service to my family, clan, and
tribe. I am no boy to be trifled with. Nor are my companions,
strong, brave, and true people every one, and every one with a price
on their head of many ounces of silver, offered by the Lunars. Those
who brought us into their inner temple are Wind Voices, who speak for
Orlanth and their clans. They knew of the risk they took if the
Lunars discovered they hosted us. Now I know not of the ways of the
heortlings, nor if they venerate Orlanth the Storm King, but in
occupied Sartar the Orlanthi clans obey the word of the Wind Voices
and Wind Lords, and if they do not in this time of war then they will
fall, because of the truths of war, and by the will of Orlanth.

> "I am not afraid to abandon the safety of our steads for the rigors of
> the hills. Every year, I make sure our safeholds in the wilds are
> stocked with blankets and food. But to take my family into the barren
> hills, to listen to the babies whimper from the cold, and to burn my
> husband, that it is a decision _I_ will make.

"So spake my own mother before my father was broken on Ikadz's rack
and I realized the unstoppable truths of war. Now I speak
differently. I would urge you to be lucky enough that you never find
yourself in the position where traitors and foreigners have made your
decisions for you.

"We are at war. War, and the acts of traitors, sometimes force us to
make painful decisions. I am sorry for those who must give up their
homes, and for those who die defending their homes from the enemy,
but our path has been forced on us by our blood-enemies."

Thus spake Bashanar, Free Wind Lord of the hilltop people

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