Things that do not die

From: David Hall (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 22:54:19 EET

Jean Durupt writes:
>Since according to Tales#5, humakti are protected against a
>transformation into zombies and skeletons

I reckon this is what the Humakti cult tells its worshippers, but whether
it is completely true is debatable. There are stories whispered amongst the
Lismelder that their great Humakti hero Indrodar Greydog has no resting
place because he is one of Delecti's undead zombies.

Re: Broken Broken Council

I have had the misfortune to organise three conventions, write two
freeforms, produce six, and play in three, so I can sympathise fully with
the "never again" refrain. If anybody ever needs any advice on writing or
producing freeforms or conventions I am always happy to help.

I'm sure we will all drink to "Absent MOB's" and "Far from the madding MOB"
at the con!

Re: Runepower

>The biggest problem with RunePower is stacking. Inevitably,
>someone with 12 points of Runepower will want to use it to
>cast Shield 12...

All rules break down eventually. Chaos and entropy is inevitable! However,
I've not met any players in my games (except Tricksters and Death-song
Humakti) who would blow 12 precious points all at once.

Re: Heler

I have difficulty seeing Heler as a particularly martial deity - he is the
god of rain! Sure, he is "occasionally depicted as a militant deity" (WF
#13), possibly when the rain was used to try and vanquish an enemy (the
Battle of Hofstaring's Flood might be a recent example). But mostly he is a
spiritual deity (I'd argue his worship is akin to a sub-cult of Orlanth
Thunderous), with a close practical and mythical affinity to agriculture
(Barntar) and fertility (Ernalda). Perhaps sometimes being too close to the

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

David Hall


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