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Lewis Jardine:

>I believe that traits should describe how a character feels and acts,
>not force the character to act in a specific manner. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Perhaps you can elaborate on the distinction between feeling and
acting and acting in a specific manner - please note the trait
roll is based on what the charcter feels. The trait roll is merely
a tool for simulating the results of heroquesting. It is not the
be-all end-all of Heroquesting in that one can heroquest with any
roolz whatsoever (cf John Hughes) and I have never stated it to
be such. Therefore those who feel compelled to pontificate about
'unplayability' and 'flawed interpretations' can go jump in the

>In the mundane world traits have little direct effect, appart from
>aiding roleplaying and helping players make difficult decisions
>where they are unsure of how their character might act. [example
>snipped] The answer is a simple opposed roll between lust and love

Wow. Why not simply skip the whole roll and let player _decide_
what to do _first_? Yes, his traits will change as a result of
his decision to commit adultery of not, but that is _his_ choice,
not the responsibility of plastic testicle substitutes.

IMO trait rolls should be used mostly for magical and religious
matters. The strength of your fanaticism may depend on your
valorous roll. Whether you are knighted in the Castle Coast
depends on how chilvarous you are.

[on the heroplane]

>Thus, if the PC heals the lion/dog/tabby cat/mongoose
>or whatever they have carried out the mythical action, however, if
>they do not do so out of Mercy (make trait roll) then they will not
>receive some or all of the benefits of the HQ.

In case you haven't noticed, the success in the Heroplane depends
on who you _are_ from a literary point of view. Androcles succeeded
in healing the Lion because he was _kind_. Sir Galahad (or is it
Gawain?) succeeded in the Quest for the Holy Grail because he was
_pure_, not because getting the Holy Grail would be a Good Thing
for King and Country. Therefore opportunities for partial success
by acting in 'self-interest' (ie it's a dumb animal but it could be

helpful) are misguided methinks. The expression of _self_ is why
Heroes succeed on the Heroplane, not what they 'do'.

Arnold Andersson:

>there has been some talk about Logicians in relation to HQ'ing.
>Since I never came across a Logicians, could someone shortly
>summerize what they are up to and where in Glorantha they could
>be found?

I was thinking of those who suppress their emotions in favour of
Thought and Reason. I would have said Malkioni since they came
from the Kingdom of Logic but then most Malkioni now are not
Logical (the Brithini are the exception). The God Learners were
the last major Malkioni sect to practice Logicality IMO and this
was one of the reasons for their fall. You probably can find
people in the West who are Logicians but these are shunned by
the others.

>While in Q-mode, I would like to ask what the difference/relation
>between HeroPlane and GodPlane is? That you HQ on HeroPlane I have
>understood, but how is it connected to GodPlane.

The Heroplane are the worlds which lie outside the Inner World
(ie Heaven, Hell, Luathela, Vithela etc). The Other Side (or
Godplane to be more exact) is much closer there so it is more
magical. The Godplane is a certain section of the Other Side
where the Gods live. People HeroQuesting to the Godplane are
either heroes or madmen.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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