The Tale of Orkarl's Bull - MiniLARP

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Wed 15 Jan 1997 - 22:33:01 EET

Howdy all,

        Neil Robinson & I just completed modifying one of my FarmerQuest
Mini-LARPs. The Mini-LARP, "The Saga of Orkarl's Bull", focuses on life in
an isolated Orlanthi clan during the tumultuous 1450s. Cows, clan
politics, vendettas and intrigue run rampant - can Penorri hold onto his
father's chieftaincy, will Kogall get compensation for the heinous
slaughter of his brother by Killer-Vartalor, will the hatred between the
Orlings and the Varings tear the clan apart, and most important - will the
clan ever resolve who really owns Orkarl's Bull? Light on rules, heavy on
fun - 15 or more players. Neil & I will run it - come see how Glorantha is
played in the Pacific Northwest!

        We plan to run this at the Chicago Con - when and where will be up to
Andrew Joelson, but I thought I'd let those of you who are attending
Chicago Con know that there is yet another event. Those who are interested
- - woad and plaid is encouraged but not necessary.

Yours truly,

Jeff Richard


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