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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 07:54:56 EET

On the Gloranthan Ephemeris

Yes, there is such a program, Windows based. The problem is, the program,
ably and ingeniously created by Nick Brooke, has never been
finished.Without trying to speak for Nick, I think part of the problem
was math, part was time, part was a lack of final decisions (from Greg
Stafford) on a number of aspects of the sky.

All of which problems I am trying to help correct. I have sent a list of
about 40 questions to Greg, which need answering. These are accompanied
by about 15 pages of notes, explaining what the questions mean.

And my praise of Nick here is very sincere -- the sheer inspiration to
start the program (he never having used Visual Basic before), and the
amount of time and energy he has put into it, are amazing. I would never
have had the nerve to begin such a project.

Stephen Martin
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