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Prax Trickster etc.
>Hi ev'ryone
>Sorry to go back a step on this one, but it's a thread I believe noone
>picked up:

I'm glad someone is! I actually wanted this thread picked up more than
the troll one, because there is a time constraint here.

>If one of the Praxian Trickster aspects is the Hyena, how does
>that tie in with the Hyena's role as the collector of the parts of
>Genert? Devourer aspect perhaps?
I don't think the link is as simple as that. Hyena is, in a God Learner
sense, actually a mnifestation of the Fool aspect. But Devourer is also
there. I think that perhaps the role of devouring Genert's body was the
original, and that later other trickster aspects developed naturally from
his position outside society?

>Also, can anyone tell me what may be found at the Monkey Ruins? Is
>a temple to grandfather baboon?
I think that this was originally the capital of the Monkey Empire
(whatever THAT was), but that it burned to the ground in the Godtime when
Oakfed landed on it after falling from the sky.

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weather, animals & HQ
>Almost all biomes on Earth have a smallish canine predator - either
>dingoes, jackals, wild dogs, aardwolves, coyotes, dholes, etc. I think
>most Gloranthan ones do, too. Therefore, I'd put either coyotes or
>jackals in Prax.

Couldn't the ubiquitous hyenae fill this role?

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