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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 10:19:01 EET

Jean Durupt:

>First I remark that

>The elven sun god is the flower bringer aka Yelm.

I think the published cult write up refers to the Aldrya
Cult in and around Prax with respect to the Associated
Cults - it lists Yelorna as an associate cult who is only
know among the Unicorn Women. The Elves get runespells
from Yelmalio because the Sun Dome people there have some
links with the Garden. I strongly doubt that the Pelorian
Yelm Worshippers have forged similar links (given their
habit of razing forests) nor would the Grazers see any merit
in being friendly to the elves.

Thus IMO the Elvish Yelmalio is the source of the Sunripen
spell as he is the Flowerbringer while the Sun Dome Yelmalio
provides the Catseye. The Elvish Yelmalio is mistakenly
called Yelm in his Flowerbringer capacity by the Grey Sages
and God Learners due to the Elvish habit of either giving
the name or its translation into the local human tongue or
both (cf Elder Secrets: Elf Names). Of course this is
related to my belief that the actual Elf name for their sun
god is Alio.

[If this sounds unnecessarily convuluted, there is the
outstanding RW example of Jehovah which was created by
adding the two seperate words *together* by scholars
who didn't know the textual convention.]

- --Peter Metcalfe


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