Ralzakark, Manners

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Martin Laurie <102541.3423@CompuServe.COM>
Those poor harrassed heroes
>>Ralzakark has stats, and IMO so do all other heroes. Harrek was once a
The stats in Dorastor: Land of Doom are NOT for The Ralzakark, they are
for one aspect or part of the god. The Unicorn Emperor is one part, the
Hollow Man another, there is a Walking Hill, and many more. The monstrous
thing mentioned in the description of the Hollow Man in D:LoD, that is
the _real_ Ralzakark. And I wouldn't want to see its stats!

>When you start killing the heroes you've killed the wonder, killed the
star to
>reach for. When Harrek bites the dust in a campaign whats next - lets
go and
>kill Humakt to get his cool sword?
I believe this is very likely the type of thing many God Learners said.


Now, I know some people are going to blast me for saying this, but oh
well. No matter how stupid something sounds which I (or someone else)
says, let's all try to think a bit before we reply. Some of the threads
have a tendency to get hostile. While they may not have been intended
that way, they _can_ be taken that way, and that will do nothing but
intimidate or anger the targets and/or other readers.

I recently posted a similar message on the Dragon Pass Digest (now
defunct and lifeless again). I don't think I should have to say this, and
I am as guilty of it as anyone, but let's all chill out a bit, eh?

I remain,

Stephen Martin
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