Harrassing Heroes

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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 09:36:28 EET

First Digest post in 2 years, and so why not pick a fight...

>Glorantha Digest Wednesday, 15 January 1997 Volume 04 : Number 083
>From: Martin Laurie <102541.3423@CompuServe.COM>
>Date: 15 Jan 97 13:47:16 EST
>Subject: Those poor harrassed heroes
>Who cares whether they're Gregs characters or not? Its irrelevant. What is
>relevant is scale. Glorantha is a world with clearly defined areas of history

And trashing bits of it can be accomplished without trashing it all.

My first post to the Digest, several years ago, was answered by (The) Nick
with an "Oh, my God". He didn't understand because I didn't clearly explain
what had gone on. The results were, on their face, very damaging to the
local (digest) myth of the end of 3rd Age Glorantha. When looked at from
the perspective of a 4th Age scholar, maybe it was not so damaging, or so
much of a distortion.

Argrath (a.k.a. Garreth) being killed and Harreck being killed and ... by
PCs _is_ survivable, given the context off the examiner. How much does a
4th Age Historian _really know about Argrath. Was there only one with that
name? To our campaign, run by Brett Calaway in Austin and culminating in
'93 (I think), we had to make some accomodations, but the overarching myth
live more or less unchanged.

So what if there were multiple Argraths, just like there were multiple
Arkats. Perhaps that parallel is more interesting thaan believing that
there was only one. Perhaps it is not so significant that Argrath of the
Cradle (Garreth) and Argrath of Pavis (Melia, who killed Garreth) and
Argrath of The City of Wonders (Xebec, a reincarnation of the spirits of
the Olny Old One and Eristi and Kyger Litor), and Argrath of ... were not
the same physical person. I only regret that I cannot remember the names of
the others which made up a Lightbringers Ring of Seven, who all stood in
those shoes, if but for a moment.

In any game I will ever again run, the Truths of that game will be Truths.
And that they confront common wisdon will be brushed under the carpet. For
that we deny that it was _an_ Argrath that liberated Pavis is false...

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