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Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 09:23:24 EET

To all:

After being gone only one day, I am now almost caught up, two days later.
I am now on Digest #82.

I cannot imagine what I am going to do when I am gone to B.C. this summer
for about 2 weeks. It'll take an hour just to download the approx. 50
Digests (at least!) I expect during that time.

Now, on to business.

Robert McArthur <mcarthur@fit.qut.edu.au>
Re: Killing Harrek, or the Chicken and the Egg
>Perhaps I've got heroquesting all wrong, but my understanding of
becoming a
>hero is that you have a backdoor out of hell: at least the same one as
>by your god. Thus, heroes (and superheroes) may actually *be* killed by
>some enourmous act. The big problem is stopping the b&gger from coming
>from the dead and either a) coming back just after you've killed 'em, or
>b) looking up your address later.
I think this is an old viewpoint, which is no longer correct. Not all
heroes have access to such a backdoor, IMO. This idea originally comes
from the Heroic Escapes of White Bear & Red Moon, and I think it is an
idea which is taken a bit too literally. In some cases.

>Heroes and superheroes are hard to kill...it's even harder to keep them
I think most of the returning we can attribute to DI and followers who
worship gods with Resurrection, Seal Spirit, or the like. Other
explanations are possible -- I once suggested that Rurik Runespear came
back in the following manner:

He finds a pure Bronze Bone (from Plunder), which he attunes. He then
gets killed by trolls, and his spirit enters the bone.

A few years later, his bones are found. A single drop of Arroin's Blood
cures all the wounds of his body, and his spirit then leaves the bone and
re-enters it. Instant resurrection. Sort of.

Now, maybe Arroin's Blood won't heal a body that far gone, but this shows
there are more ways back from Hell than most people have heard of!

>PS. after all RL/RPs get DI, shamans get to come back!
Shamans don't get to come back in RQ3, now do they? Don't rely upon rules
too much when trying to understand (or create) parts of Glorantha.

Nick Brooke <100270.337@compuserve.com>
Sky Dome Program
>That was a mite demoralising, and I lost interest in finishing the
>off. After all, there were plenty of other things I could be doing with
>time that were more productive and satisfying.
>Nowadays, I don't think any Sky Dome program could ever be a 100%
>reflection of what Greg thinks the Gloranthan night sky actually looks
>It's very frustrating to work under those circumstances, and I've
>not to do so any more. After all, this is my *hobby* - if I want
>aggravation in my life, that's what my day job's for. Nobody is paying
>to put up with this shit. (If anyone would *like* to pay me to put up
>this shit, my email address is in the header to this post). I've decided
>that in future, when the fun goes out of a project, so will I.
Nick -- I offered quite some time ago to take over this for you, and try
to get it closer to 100% (like 81%). The offer still stands.

>My program is probably over 80% complete. It runs a bit clunkily (screen
>update can take a few seconds, even on a fast computer, so scrolling
>through the hours of the night isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be),
>there's some stuff I *know* is wrong but can't be bothered to change
>Southpath is a constant, no difference between "odd" and "even" years'
>planetary motion, etc.). All that being said, it's quite a pretty piece
>software, and I do feel rather proud of it.
Nick is understating here -- if you are at all interested in Gloranthan
star lore, the program is gorgeous to watch. I have added a bunch of holy
days to it, from Gods of Glorantha and other sources. It is neat to watch
the planets move across the sky as the stars rotate. I love it. Of
course, I would love it more if Greg had not told Greg (incorrectly, he
later realized) to have Yelm and Lightfore switch places...

>Given the recent mention in "Starry Wisdom #1", and interest expressed
>RQ-Cons and Convulsions past, I have decided to make my "Gloranthan
>Ephemeris" freely available to the whole world: as soon as I get it up
>there, you'll be able to download it (errors and all) from my homepage
Nick Brooke <100270.337@compuserve.com>
>Stevie writes:
Please don't call me this, as it only annoys me.

>> As for Heler being a martial deity, I am getting tired of arguing this
>> point.
>Why do you suppose you have to argue it so often, eh? It couldn't be
>the people you're arguing with are right, could it? :-)
Well, you know I could never admit it even if they were. :)

>>From GoG Prosopaedia:
>"Heler is usually pictured as a handsome blue-skinned man, accompanied
>or calling clouds. He is *never* armed [my emphasis], to show that his
>skin is not woad (worn only by warriors)... Heler is occasionally
>considered a militant deity, but rarely an effective one."
I accept this, with one proviso -- this is one version of how he is
pictured. I am sure there is some Orlanthi group which gives him the
Lightning Spear.

>That is hardly an answer to my question (and BTW, I am not MOB). I'll
>rephrase it: can you think of *anything* about the Sun Dome Temple that
>looks like the result of Aldryami influence?
Sorry about the incorrect reference -- failed my low "Identify
Originator" roll. I have never claimed any aldryami influence of the Sun
Dome Temple in Prax. Merely that the god has aldryami roots, to some
extent. Since _nothing_ official has been published about the elven
Yelmalio cult and its practices, I have no way of knowing how many of
those practices they took from the elves.

"Guy Hoyle" <guyhoyle@chrysalis.org>
Praxian Sun God?
>I remember (vaguely) from Cults of Prax that the khans of Waha are
>required to sing the "Song of Rising Waha" at dawn each day, which of
>course suggests some kind of solar ties for the deity. Granted, Waha
>is not implicitly a solar deity, but the lack of any other candidate
>except for the Sun Hawk spirit makes him a possibility.
I prefer to interpret this to mean that Waha was the deity who raised the
Sun at the Dawn, rather than Storm Bull (as his worshipers claim).
Personally, I think Waha's sky aspect is in the planet Shargash/Tolat,
which I call Bronze Treasure.

Stephen Martin
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