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From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 10:01:40 EET

>When Greg was working on GRoY, he initially used the name Basko. He later
>changed this to Kazkurtum.

        The first version of GRoY (which is all I have) at one point
confuses Basko and Kaz, and at another point they are separate, but
strongly associated (IIRC Basko finds Kaz and leads him to rule, or
something). I'll accept that these are mistakes of one sort or another.
        But I still think that there is a relationship between the two.
While Basko may not be recognised in ancient Dara Happa, it may well be
recognised as connected to Kaz in modern Dara Happa, and the Basko cult may
have originally been influenced by the Dara Happan conception of Kazkurtum.
        Basically, there is an awful lot written that we need to be ignored
in order to regard the two as totally separate, such as a plethora of
Yelm/Basko myths. I agree that any combination of the two in a myth is
probably a misnomer (though it annoys me a lot - I'm used to having to take
GRoY with a grain of salt because of incompleteness, Plentonic bias etc. -
but just plain mistakes are another irritation entirely), but I think it
may not be an inappropriate misnomer - i.e. I think its a mistake, but a
mistake some GLoranthans might make. Quite possibly a rampant God

        I'm not quite sure how the two get mixed up, though. A matter still
to be resolved, and a biggish question.
        The trolls reckon they found Basko at the Fields of Doubt in Pent,
and he lead them to the Kingdom of Ignorance and there some intermingling
occurred with the native Solar Storm cult. So they at least recognise that
there was some Eastern migration of the cult orginally, though I don't
think you can take much of the rest of their account too seriously. I think
you are probably right about Basko being the opposition of the Kralorelan
Solar emperor - he seems kind of Kralorelan in appearance, and he seems to
be rather a buffoon (I think the Kralorelan dichotomy is less good/evil and
more right-thinking/foolishness).

Michael Raatoveras piece on the Uz
>Second is Substance, which filled space, and Wombhome, the safety within
>Third is Hunger, the loss of substance, and Fear, the anticipation of hunger.
>Fourth is Fullness, which kills hunger, and Joy, which kills fear.

        I don't really go for the definitions of Fear or Joy.
Fear especially - I think troll fear is much more about fear of being eaten
than fear of being hungry! Perhaps fear is the loss of safety? Or the
anticipation of loss?
        And for trolls, perhaps Strength is what kills fear.

        Hope this is useful.
        In general, I liked it.




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