Re: Sky Dome Program

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 16 Jan 1997 - 12:09:42 EET

Steve Martin writes, without trying to speak for me:

> Without trying to speak for Nick, I think part of the problem was math,
> part was time, part was a lack of final decisions (from Greg Stafford)
> on a number of aspects of the sky.

Maybe that's how it looks at the Californian groupies' end, so it's lucky I
can speak for myself. I'll stand by my own version of events: the single
overriding factor in my decision not to continue work was my discovery at
RQ-Con 2 that Greg had been sitting on an uninstalled copy of the program
for some months after I had sent it to him, and only got around to looking
at it when I hauled into town. Very disappointing: it made me wonder why I
bothered. Given *enthusiasm*, time, and firm decisions, working out the
math would have been no problem: it's all simple trigonometry, after all.

> All of which problems I am trying to help correct.

I think our more astute readers will have noted references to such help in
my last post. For the record, a mere half day after uploading the software
I am *already* receiving the kind of mail I asked not to be sent. *Please*
don't send any more! I'd love to get posts saying "it works!" or "pretty
stars!" (just so I know I put the right bits up there), but any technical
questions, Gloranthan critiques, offers of "assistance", etc. will be
ignored. The ZIP file has now been uploaded to my homepage, and is
available to any Windows PC user who wants a look.

Steven has also asked (in private mail, which was polite) whether I had
discussed my decision with Greg before uploading my "Gloranthan Ephemeris"
as freeware to my homepage. The answer is "No"; I assumed from the mention
in "Starry Wisdom" (Chaosium's house zine) that this was a product whose
release-date had come, as otherwise folk would begin pestering me (named as
author in the zine) to finish it. Which (as I keep saying) I have no
intention of doing: I'm not being paid to do this, it's no fun any more,
and Real Life comes first.

If anyone has a problem with me distributing my explicitly unfinished,
incomplete, non-debugged, unofficial, incorrect, not-for-profit computer
program free of charge to the huddled masses, perhaps Greg and I can chat
about it at RQ-Con Chicago. Unless our Stevie would like to veto another
useful Gloranthan product that hasn't met his criteria for acceptability?



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